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    June, 2016

  1. 10 Most Powerful Weapons of the Military

  2. Israel's top 45 greatest inventions of all time

  3. Israeli Company LiveU To Beam Summer Olympics Events Worldwide

  4. Recent high-tech data clouds current needs

  5. The Israeli company Faception says its facial-analysis technology will be used by 'a leading homeland security agency.'

    May, 2016

  6. Israeli Private Equity Activity Dives in Q1: Only $265 Million Invested in 15 Deals

  7. Israeli private equity investors

  8. Outbrain CEO Yaron Galai reports that the company was profitable in the first quarter.

  9. Israeli co Faception claims it can spot terrorists

  10. VW invests $300m in Israeli taxi-hailing co Gett (Formerly Get Taxi)

  11. OrbiMed launches $307m second Israel fund

  12. Iron Dome, meet Drone Dome Israel's Rafael unveils new defense system

  13. The new ElectRoad wireless charging solution can be implemented in any roadway and will end dependence on expensive batteries.

  14. Busy Quarter: Innovation, Profitability and New Funding

  15. Startups

  16. Israeli cos develop 3D bioprinter for stem cells

    April, 2016

  17. The money continues to flow in

  18. Leading Edge Aerospace Capabilities

  19. Portable Ultrasound Kit Will Expedite Medical Treatment, Save Lives In Disaster Areas

  20. Cloud data center company Stratoscale raises $27m

  21. Rafael forms $10b defense venture with India's Reliance

  22. Beamr raises $15M while acquiring US Vanguard Video

  23. Intel Israeli procurements worth $10b in past decade

  24. 18 Israeli cyber millionaires worth NIS 30b

  25. Israeli, American researchers create worlds smallest diode

  26. Israel launches Ofek 10 radar-based spy satellite

  27. At the current rate, the record set last year for total financing raised by Israeli startups will at least be equaled this year.

    March, 2016

  28. The Eleventh Happiest Nation

  29. Outbrain acquires Reevee

  30. Clinic on critical care

  31. Cisco to pay $320 million for its 12th acquisition in Israel

  32. ReWalk shares soar after win with US military

  33. ReWalk readies for $147m Nasdaq secondary offering

  34. Melodea develops nano-crystalline cellulose based products.

  35. Intel buys 360° instant replay startup for $170 m.

  36. Accelmed portfolio company

  37. Israeli Scientists Claim Breakthrough in Development of ÔBionic' Heart

  38. Blood test breakthrough promises a revolution in diagnostic medicine.

  39. FIMI buys 50% Unitronics stake for NIS 110m

    February, 2016

  40. Investment in High-Tech Soars

  41. Israeli FinTech startup BlueVine raises $40m

  42. Cyber Security Startup ForeScout Valued $1B After Raising $76M

  43. Israeli startups raise $400m in past month

  44. Medigus

  45. Cyber security industry nearly doubles in past decade

  46. Cyber security company ForeScout raises $76m

  47. Cyber investment

  48. Funding for high-tech hits all-time high

  49. Pluristem Therapeutics developed cell therapy that can heal 100% of patients exposed to radiological attack

  50. Jewish Philanthropist to Launch $100 Million Program for Israel-U.S. Science Research

  51. Generics company is developing a delayed released version of Copaxone

  52. Sony confirms acquisition of Israel's Altair

  53. SES acquires Israeli company RR Media for $242m

  54. Self-driving car company Mobileye teams with Nissan

  55. Lockheed Martin orders 40 F-35 wing sets from IAI IAI unveils civil aviation cyber security solutions

  56. Battery Ventures closes two new funds

  57. Haim Saban to invest $100m in startups

  58. Deloitte: Israel 7th in world for defense spending

  59. US company Rogue Wave Software has acquired Israeli company Zend Technologies

    January, 2016

  60. Venture Capital is Booming

  61. New Imaging Method to Lower Risks in Gallbladder Removal Surgery

  62. IAI unveils unprecedented radar system as long-range ballistic missile threats increase

  63. Microsoft Buys Data Security Firm Secure Island

  64. Mobeego unveils disposable smartphone charger

  65. Teva invests $30m in US Company Wave Life Sciences

  66. ReWalk shares soar after win with US military

  67. David's Sling Passes Test Successfully

  68. Investment in Israeli high-tech is unprecedented, and this will continue in 2016, says PwC Israel high-tech leader

  69. Israelis Develop World's First Molecular Sensor That Can Scan Almost Anything

  70. Teva acquires Gecko Health Innovations

  71. 2015's crop of Israeli high-tech exits worth $9b

  72. Israeli VC 2015 fund raising up to $1.5b

    December, 2015

  73. Terror Has Little Effect on Economy

  74. General Motors German carmaker Opel has cut manufacturing tool production costs by 90%

  75. Pitango raises first $100m for growth fund

  76. NICE Systems sells video surveillance for $100m

  77. Israel tech firms raise $930m. in Q2 from venture capital

  78. Israeli makes it into Forbes' youngest and richest list

  79. Technion Scientists Develop Self-Healing Sensor that May Be Used in Artificial Skin

  80. Elbit Systems wins $200m Swiss drone contract

  81. Israeli Navy Scores Successful Intercept Test of Barak-8

  82. Israeli medical apps top international competition

    November, 2015

  83. Investments Continue to Flow

  84. Israeli Scientists Find New Imaging Method to Lower Risks in Gallbladder Removal Surgery

  85. Microsoft Buys Israeli Data Security Firm Secure Islands

  86. IAI unveils unprecedented radar system as long-range ballistic missile threats increase

  87. Mobeego unveils disposable smartphone charger

  88. Elbit Systems awarded $703 homeland security contract

  89. San Francisco-based Prosper Marketplace has acquired Israeli company BillGuard, which has a popular financial analytics product.

  90. Teva buys Mexican pharmaceutical co Rimsa for $2.3b.

  91. Teva acquires Gecko Health Innovations

  92. ProQuest to buy Israeli co Ex Libris for $500m.

  93. CyberArk buys Israeli cyber detection Cybertinel

  94. StoreDot named Globes most promising startup of 2015

  95. Bruker buys Jordan Valley Semiconductors for $53m.

  96. Huge oil discovery on Golan Heights

  97. ProQuest to buy Israeli co Ex Libris for $500m

    September, 2015

  98. A Flood of Investment Capital

  99. Axel Springer's yad2 buys Israeli jobs website Drushim

  100. HeartWare buys Israel Valtech Cardio for $860m.

  101. Elbit Systems wins $78m contract in Europe

  102. Private equity investment in Israel quadruples

  103. Forbes: Israel has 100 billionaires, in shekel terms

  104. Patrick Drahi's Altice to buy Cablevision for $17.7b

  105. Kyma Medical Technologies sold for $35m

  106. Philips CEO: Israel has major role in our vision

    July, 2015


  108. Israel at the Paris Air Show

  109. WalkMe is a platform that makes the end user's experience simple, effortless, and efficient.

  110. Intec in talks for $150m deal with major pharma company

  111. Qualcomm co-founder donates $50m. to Technion

  112. Making Sesame Seeds a Growth Area in Global Food Production

  113. Comverse acquires UK co Acision for $210m.

  114. Paris Air Show

  115. Israel test-fires 'David's Sling' missile defense system

  116. Ofers invest in security code analysis company Checkmarx

  117. XIO Group acquires Lumenis for $510m

    June, 2015

  118. The new Israel Aerospace Industries unveils upgraded 'suicide' drone.

  119. EndoChoice raises $96m in NYSE IPO

  120. OurCrowd sets up fund for early stage cos

  121. Israel exports 400 million sterilized flies

  122. Teva raises Mylan stake to 2.76%

  123. Schwimmer Contributor to Israel's Survivor

  124. Elbit Systems to unveil helicopter night attack solution

  125. IAI expands Heron UAV capabilities

  126. CyberArk held its IPO on Nasdaq in September 2014 at $16 a share.

  127. WEBYDO

  128. ROOJOOM

  129. TOMIGO

  130. SimilarWeb

  131. YALLO

  132. mapme

  133. swarmbuild

  134. viggotv

  135. voxdox

  136. Takeaway

    May, 2015

  137. From the Publisher

    May, 2015

  138. Biomeds are Blooming

  139. Israel private equity deals down in Q1

  140. Eucalyptus Growth Capital to raise $300m fund

  141. Translation co finds 6 hot technology trends

  142. Israeli firm designing battery stations for Chinese buses

  143. Jerusalem to introduce online building applications

  144. Hexagon Israel sells 3-D camera system to Lockheed

  145. Pfizer to collaborate on Bar-Ilan DNA robots

  146. Summary of Israeli High-Tech Company Capital Raising Q1/2015

  147. Israeli VC Fund Investment Activity

  148. Representative of Nike and HP in China

  149. Israel's biomed sector raising record amounts

  150. Warren Buffett invests in Israeli co eVolution Networks

  151. BoI to increase investment in Japanese stocks

  152. Taboola attracts major investment from China's Baidu

  153. Israel to set up genetic database

    February, 2015

  154. Record $15b. Israeli high-tech exits in 2014

  155. Start-up financing highest since 2000

  156. Microsoft is acquiring Aorato

  157. Windward, CyberSeal win security innovation

  158. Mellanox components chosen for fastest computers

  159. Knee, back treatment AposTherapy raises $15m

  160. Yissum biotech unit raises $3m. from Chinese investors

  161. Fortissimo to start raising new $400m fund

  162. Phillip Frost's Opko to list on TASE Opko Health acquires Prolor Biotech for $480m.

  163. Arrow 3 completes successful flight trial

  164. Technological innovation: more value to the consumer

  165. The journey of Strauss to the technology incubator

  166. Israel: Silicon Valley of food technologies

  167. Glilot Capital Partners raising $70m VC fund

  168. Israeli start-ups raised record $3.4b in 2014

  169. Israeli venture capital fund investment activity

  170. Amazon acquires Annapurna Labs for $350m.

  171. The Impatient High Techies

  172. IAI markets innovative electro-optical payload Heron UAV

  173. Microsoft buys digital pen co N-trig for $200m.

    January, 2015

  174. Venture Capital is Thriving

  175. Record $15b Israeli high-tech exits in 2014

  176. Microsoft is to buy to buy Aorato start-up at estimated for about $200 million

  177. Microsoft buys text analysis Equivio for $200m.

  178. Knee, back treatment AposTherapy raises $15m.

  179. Yissum biotech unit raises $3m from Chinese investors

  180. Fortissimo to start raising new $400m fund

  181. Advanced technologies as a viable solution

  182. Gilot Capital Partners raising $70m VC fund Kobi Samboursky and Arik Kleinstein

  183. IAI founding space technology incubator

  184. Alibaba invests in Israeli start-up Visualead

    November, 2014

  185. China Enters Israel

  186. Israeli Wall Street IPOs surpass $3.5b in 2014

  187. Pulse Secure acquires MobileSpaces for $100m.

  188. Publicis acquires 20% stake in Matomy for $65.6m

  189. Israel tech firms raise $930 mln in Q2 from venture capital

  190. Israeli start-up building robotic weapon to protect search and rescue helicopters

  191., the startup that helps you learn languages

  192. BIRD - Israel - U.S. Binational Industrial R&D Foundation to invest $9 million in 11 new projects

  193. Elbit Systems wins contracts worth $85m in Asia

  194. Dori Media Group

  195. Solar Panels Don't Grow On Trees ... Most of the Time

  196. Israel Aerospace Industries will deliver the first pair of wings for the stealth in 2015

  197. NICE Systems soars on strong Q3 results

  198. NICE Systems reports lower profit on higher revenue

    October, 2014

  199. 30 Years wth the Mac

  200. In the party at interest deal, ADAMA Agricultural Solutions will gain a major foothold in the Chinese market.

  201. Israeli Wall Street IPOs surpass $3.5b in 2014

  202. Aqua Shield thwarts marine terrorism

  203. SolarEdge Technologies Inc. plans to raise more than $100 million in a Wall Street IPO in 2015

  204. The Top Tech Stories in Israel, 2013

  205. Defense Ministry conducts successful Arrow

  206. Israeli startup hopes to stop satellites from getting lost in space

  207. Magma Venture Partners raises $150m Fund IV

  208. CyberArk Software nearly doubles after Nasdaq IPO

  209. Rafael agrees to Indian missile deal for naval missiles

  210. Atox Bio awarded $24m to fight bio-threats pharmaceuticals

    September, 2014

  211. A Month Long Cease Fire

  212. Altana invests $135m in Landa Digital Printing

  213. Japan's Rakuten targets Israel with $100m venture capital fund

  214. Start-up financing highest since 2000

  215. IVC: Israeli start-ups raising record amounts

  216. Private equity investment deals hit 4-year low

  217. The IDF has successfully introduced the tactical radar system into the Gaza conflict.

  218. Mati Kochavi sets up $120m Israel start-up fund

  219. Chinese Expand Investment in Israeli high tech

  220. Hot Israeli Tech Startups

    August, 2014

  221. Ceasefire Ended

  222. Israeli company building America's largest desalination plant in California

  223. Intel Invests $10M In Israeli cyber security firm Fortscale

  224. Teva acquiring Labrys Biologics, startup that targets migraines, for $825

  225. Israel develops blood Test to detect breast Cancer

  226. Microsoft to open cybersecurity accelerator in Israel

  227. Israel Defense Forces to deploy more unmanned ground vehicles

  228. Bally Technologies acquires DragonPlay for $100m

  229. 150 gaming developers in Israel

  230. Switzerland Selects the Israeli Hermes 900 for its Future Drone

  231. Israeli satellites to be eyes in the sky for International disaster aid

  232. Anti-tank missile defense system makes debut

  233. Mobileye IPO haul over $1b; share price soars Mobileye

    July, 2014

  234. Gaza Outlook

  235. Israel Chemicals to invest $600m in Ethiopian potash mine

  236. Billie Jean King and Novak Djokovic invest in PlaySight

  237. Sports analytics co PlaySight Interactive raises $1.5m

  238. Israel, China to open $300 million research center

  239. Bell Labs will operate at Alcatel-Lucent's CloudBand unit in Kfar Saba

  240. Israeli startup invents device to make your air conditioner smart

  241. Israeli students develop an electronic 'Guide Dog' for the blind

  242. Intuit buys m-wallet co Check for $360m

  243. Massachusetts teams up with Israel on water technology issues

  244. The Doona retractable stroller

  245. Electric car drives 1,100 miles on single charge

  246. 'Eavesdropper' hears you 1,000 feet away

  247. Intel Invests $10m In Israeli Cyber Security Firm Fortscale

  248. Israeli NGO Designs World's First Kid-Friendly Wheelchair

  249. Teva acquiring Labrys Biologics, startup that targets migraines, for $825

  250. Israel Develops Blood Test to Detect Breast Cancer

    June, 2014

  251. The Acquisition Binge is On

  252. AOL acquires for $405c

  253. Biographical Sketch - Stef Wertheimer

  254. Israel is world's leading drone producer

  255. Researchers reveal protein's role in preventing growth of heart muscle leading to heart failure

  256. Qualcomm to acquire Wilocity for $300m chip

  257. Nasdaq deputy chairman Meyer Frucher told "Reuters" about cooperation with the TASE.

  258. Intel buys Ginger Software assets for $30m

  259. An Israeli startup based in Tel Aviv aims to transform smartphone camera imaging by bringing photo quality up to par with that of compact zoom-lens digital cameras.

  260. IVC: Private equity investment doubles foreign currency

  261. Defense Innovations

  262. IAI unit Stark unveils new mini UAV

  263. Ecoppia's robots clean solar panels automatically

  264. Israel Aerospace Industries unveils route clearance robot

  265. Mobileye unveils car that drives itself

  266. Soros buys SodaStream shares and raises Teva stake

  267. Elbit Systems unveils new mortar - Soltam Spear mortar

  268. AOL to invest in Israeli start-ups

    May, 2014

  269. Ofek 10 Launched Successfully

  270. Mazor Robotics to unveil brain surgery system

  271. IDE wins award for Sorek desalination plant

  272. Hyperion acquires Andromeda for up to $570m

  273. Teva sells Andromeda diabetes treatment stake

  274. How an Israeli Rock Star Got Bob Dylan and Silicon Valley to Dig His Tech Startup

  275. A Comprehensive Guide to Israel's Biotech Industry

  276. Top-selling prescription drugs based on Israeli research

  277. Regenerative Medicine

  278. IVC: Israeli start-ups raising record amounts of dollars

  279. Computational Biotechnology

  280. V Wave heart device implanted in first patient

  281. Pratt & Whitney buys Israel's Blades Technology

  282. Axel Springer makes offer for Yad2

  283. Tamar partners sign deal with Union Fenosa

  284. The OECD warns on overheating in Israel's real estate market.

    April, 2014

  285. The age of heroes is past

  286. Varonis doubles on first day on Nasdaq

  287. Cross-border mergers and acquisitions deals soared in 2013

  288. 206 nanotech start-ups have been founded in the past six years

  289. Israel's High-Tech Boom

  290. A Global Competitor

  291. Attracting high-tech multinationals

  292. Israel's Economic Outlook

  293. Israel and California sign R&D agreement

  294. Israel Corp's joint venture presented the EBIKE prototype in Geneva

  295. Israeli Hi-Tech Startups On The Rise Again

  296. The women of startup nation

  297. Tamar partners in $750m deal with Delek unit Tamar gas drilling

  298. Israeli Technology a New Step in Finding a Parking Spot

  299. Palo Alto paying $200m for Cyvera

  300. Stratasys acquires Solid Concepts for $295m

    March, 2014

  301. The China Syndrome

  302. Everbright invests in breast cancer company Real Imaging

  303. IAI to unveil Katana unmanned ship at Defexpo

  304. Israel Aerospace Industries has presented its Combat Team Battle Management System.

  305. IAI successfully tests tactical radar system

  306. Imperva has acquired Incapsula and Skyfence.

  307. IAI unveils Super Heron UAV

  308. IAI begins Arrow 3 production

  309. Solar power in Israel

  310. Israeli company building America's largest desalination plant in California

  311. Turning a page with a nod

  312. Clal Biotech sells diabetes treatment co Andromeda pharmaceuticals

  313. WBP launches $50m Israel investment fund

  314. Aircraft protection system successfully tested

  315. PwC: Israeli tech exits worth $7.6b in 2013

  316. Israeli Company Testing Ambulance Drones

  317. 18 Israelis make ÒForbesÓ 2014 Billionaires List

  318. Money Pours into Mutual Funds

    February, 2014

  319. Do not take an early exit

  320. Amazing Israeli Medical Advances

  321. Three Israeli companies tipped for major 2014 IPOs

  322. Israel: Interceptor Missile Passes Test

  323. IVC Israeli high-tech exits totaled $6.64b in 2013

  324. Verint acquires Kana Software for $514m

  325. AOL acquires video advertising platform provider for $405 million

  326. Cisco acquires self optimizing network software provider Intucell for $475 million

  327. IFF to acquire Aromor Flavors for $88m

  328. The smart shoes that will prevent the elderly from falling

  329. Israel launches sophisticated spy satellite

  330. Teva acquires NuPathe for $144m

  331. Perion CEO: We can achieve $1b in sales

  332. Israel's Rafael to unveil laser-based defense system

  333. Lockheed Martin, EMC setting up Israeli cyber security center

  334. Stratasys Launches Multi-Material Color 3D Printer

    January, 2014

  335. 2013 boom year for high-tech

  336. 10 technologies that Are Changing the world

  337. To revolutionize personal medicine

  338. Israeli Startup develops wireless Mobile chargers using Infrared Light

  339. LabStyle launches Dario glucometer and App For diabetic

  340. Caesarea Medical Electronics

  341. Imagine Communications acquired by Harris Broadcast

  342. Apple confirms $350m acquisition of Prime Sense

  343. MediWound planning $100m Wall Street IPO

  344. Three companies make Deloitte European top ten

  345. Women in high-tech

  346. The operating room of the future

  347. Emerson buys APM Automation Solutions

  348. Facebook buys Israeli company for $200 million

  349. Warren Buffett donates $10m to Rambam Hospital

  350. AOL has acquired video advertising platform provider


    December, 2013

  352. Prophecies that came true

  353. MDA command truck is most hi-tech in the world

  354. Israeli startup Onavo will be Facebook's first R&D center in Israel

  355. Nasdaq jump with Tech IPOs

  356. Carlos Slim investing 60 million dollars in an Israeli startup

  357. Waze CEO: Israel will have many more billion dollar exits

  358. Lumenis to raise $100m on Nasdaq

  359. Blumberg Capital closes $150m fund, to include Israel-focus

  360. Cisco becomes strategic investor in Wilocity

  361. High-tech exits reach $4b in 2013

  362. Israeli sewage water system turns dirt into profit

  363. Nano metric materials provider PV Nano Cell raises $3.5 million

  364. AOL acquires video advertising platform provider for $405 million

  365. Covidien buys Given Imaging for $860m

  366. Weitzmann Inst R&D Developments

    November, 2013

  367. Berkshire Hathaway company has announced the acquisition of Lod-based Ray-Q Interconnect

  368. How Israeli High-Tech Happened

  369. Lavi grounded, high tech takes off

  370. Into space

  371. Economic imperative

  372. Israel's secret intel unit spawns high-tech

  373. Two Israelis win Nobel Chemistry prize

  374. Many IPOs ahead

  375. Barclays exec sees big Israeli M&A deals ahead

  376. F-35 fighters to be equipped with an Israeli helmet

  377. Facebook to Buy Israel-Based Startup to Bolster Internet

  378. Asurion acquires Soluto for $100m

    October, 2013

  379. Li Ka Shing Foundation donates $130m to Technion

  380. Enzymotec raises $63.5m in Nasdaq IPO

  381. Medical Device Sector Continues Strong Growth

  382. Israel Information Technology Report

  383. Israeli Security System to be Used in NYC Housing Projects

  384. BioLineRX obtains FDA orphan drug status for leukemia drug


    September, 2013

  386. The Origins of Israel's Hi-Tech

  387. MoneyTree: Start-ups raised less VC capital in Q2

  388. Building world's first everlasting' solar battery

  389. Agritechnology: the next breakout investment opportunity in Israel

  390. Graduates of Israeli universities have founded start-ups that have raised $1.64 billion

  391. Compugen signs $500m agreement with Bayer

  392. AOL acquires for $405m.

  393. New AFP system developed in Israel

  394. Apple Buys Matcha, possibly In an attempt to make your TV more awesome

  395. Israeli develops a 'watch' that stops unnecessary heart attack deaths

  396. IBM Buys Trusteer to bolster its cloud services

    August, 2013

  397. Exits are Getting Larger

  398. Cisco to build cyber R&D center

  399. Stem cell biology advances

  400. EMC buys startup ScaleIO for up to $300m.

  401. IBM acquires Israeli cloud firm

  402. Intel acquires Omek Interactive

  403. Israel ranked 6th worldwide in defense exports

  404. If you've had wrist and shoulder pain from clicking a mouse, relief may be in sight.

  405. Research on delivering safer drugs through skin applications

  406. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) unveiled at this year's Paris Air Show, a pioneering compact three dimensional (3D) high frequency (HF) Direction Finders for airborne, shipborne and ground platform applications.

  407. Headline Expenditure Projections

  408. A solution for the visually impaired

  409. Yoav Leitersdorf isn't trying to build a Silicon Valley in Israel. His goal is to bring the best of Israel to the U.S.

  410. Inside the secret tech ventures that are reshaping the Israeli-Arab-Palestinian world

  411. Bringing Israel's Ultra-Orthodox Into Start-Up Nation - Richard Behar Richard Behar Contributor

  412. A battery with infinite power

    July, 2013

  413. Google acquires Waze for $1.3b

  414. Hebrew University and Harvard researchers discover distinct 'itch-inducing neurons

  415. Wix files for $75m Wall Street IPO

  416. Biosensors buys Spectrum Dynamics

  417. Mazor Robotics Ltd. (TASE:MZOR) has begun to trade on Nasdaq Capital Market

  418. Israeli wireless-power Powermat startup buys Finnish rival

  419. Financing Sources for Start-ups

  420. New noise cancellation technology

  421. Israel is largest drone exporter in the world

  422. Sony invests $10m in Rainbow Medical

  423. Mellanox to acquire silicon photonics specialist Kotura for $82m.

  424. InSightec developed ExAblate 2000

  425. Cellebrite co-CEO Yossi Carmil says the technology satisfies security needs

  426. Group finds signs of another gas field off Israeli coast

  427. Israeli inventions underpin 20% of global biotech revenue

  428. Israel Integrating Arabs Into High-Tech World

  429. Israel and China sign $400m trade agreement

  430. Qatari prince woos Israeli companies

    June, 2013

  431. Israel's BriefCam sophisticated video analysis system helped ID the Boston Marathon terrorists

  432. Foreign investment in Israeli start-ups seen rising

  433. OPKO Health acquires Prolor Biotech for $480 million

  434. FDI up at $1.04B in February

  435. Calcalist Exclusive
    Bank of Israel to invest in Europe Monetary Committee decides to increase investments in foreign markets from 3% to 6% of forex reserves, expand investments in mortgage-backed bonds guaranteed by US government

  436. Hanover Completes Acquisition of Israeli Technology Incubator

  437. KKR acquires Alliance Tires for $500m

  438. Avago buys Israel's CyOptics for $400m.

  439. Harman buys Israeli road safety app developer iOnRoad

  440. Diabetes co Integrity Applications lists on Wall Street

    May, 2013

  441. Berkshire Completes Iscar Acquisition

  442. Ormat unit signs $254m Indonesian geothermal deal

  443. 2012 Israeli private equity transactions reach $2.6 billion

  444. 600 cows in one hour: Israel is the world leader In milking technologies

  445. Natural gas has started flowing from one of Israel's sizable gas fields.

  446. ReWalk

  447. Accel Partners raises $475m Europe, Israel focused fund

  448. IAI wins $400m Brazilian Air Force deal

  449. Israeli start-ups raising less capital

  450. Elbit's outgoing CEO discusses the Israeli defense industry's biggest missed opportunity

  451. Competitor bids to buy Spuntech

  452. Photonic router vendor exits stealth-mode, sparks hypegasm

  453. Motorola Solutions invests in BriefCam

    April, 2013

  454. Iran's Nulear Threat

  455. Israeli scientists help develop breath test to sniff out stomach cancer

  456. Allscripts acquires dbMotion for $235m

  457. Israel is world's largest exporter of drones

  458. Israel's Fourth International Conference on Drylands, Deserts and Desertification drew more than 500 participants from 60 countries.

  459. Is your snoring keeping your mate up at night? An Israeli app monitors and records your nocturnal noises for medical analysis.

  460. Israeli products provide natural defense against bugs

  461. URINFO 2000 is the first medical device developed for accurate measurement and monitoring of urine output in the hospital.

  462. Futuristic 'microscope' sees through skin

  463. Researchers from BGU have generated a promising drug candidate for the treatment of Psoriasis

  464. Arrow 3 Missile Test: Israel, U.S. Defense System Trial Completed

    March, 2013

  465. Chiasma teams with Roche

  466. Intel Israel exports doubled in 2012 to $4.6b

  467. Not just our cars, but also living organisms need antifreeze to survive in the cold

  468. Most active venture capital funds in Israel in 2012

  469. Boeing product range on offer with Elbit countermeasures

  470. Team Spacell aims to make Israel third country to land on the moon

  471. Tel Aviv named 2nd best high-tech center

  472. MoneyTree: VC investment in Israel down 29% in 2012

  473. World's first plant to produce regenerated bone

  474. Microsoft and Israel's Technion try to predict the future

  475. Magma Venture Partners raises $100m. third fund

  476. Apple opens Ra'anana development center in Ra'anana.

  477. U.K. investment firm buys Israeli start-up Algatechnologies - Algae in Lake Kinneret can have many positive uses.

  478. $4000-per-jar caviar has socialist origins

  479. Digital media company Perion acquires SweetPacks for $43m.

  480. Samsung Electronics has unveiled a $100 million seed fund to support innovation in components and subsystems related to its broad product line.

  481. Observed: The outburst before the blast

  482. Two Antibodies are better than one - A new approach mimicking the body's natural defenses could help treat a therapy-resistant breast cancer.

  483. At a first-of-its-kind conference for ultra-Orthodox Jews

  484. Amdocs, SingTel found joint Israeli development center

  485. Australia approves Mazor Robotics spinal surgery device

    February, 2013

  486. Growth by Acquisition

  487. Israeli high-tech companies raised $1.92 billion in 2012

  488. Cisco to buy Israeli mobile network software maker Intucell for $475m.

  489. Hi-tech offers jobs to Israel's religious Jews

  490. Israel rises to 7th spot in GE innovation barometer

  491. Israeli defense contractor: Tests of anti-missile system successful

  492. Israeli High-Tech Method Revolutionizing US Education

  493. Israeli venture capital funds raised $607 million in 2012

  494. An Israeli startup has developed technology that "fades" the look of a standard QR code no doubt much to the relief of designers.

  495. Gov't to invest NIS 30m in dual-use R&D

  496. Israel's eVolution develops sleep mode for cellphone Networks

    January, 2013

  497. First pages of Dead Sea Scrolls online

  498. Cross-browser company Crossrider sold for $37m.

  499. Lifewatch Smartphone: Israel's technological gift to the world

  500. Hi-Tech Robots

  501. Qualcomm acquires LTE and backhaul solutions DesignArt Networks

  502. Digital media company Perion acquires SweetPacks for $43 million

  503. EMC buys database monitoring company More IT

  504. Objet completes merger and $1.4b exit

  505. Qualcomm acquires LTE and backhaul solutions DesignArt Networks

  506. New Arab Hi-Tech investment fund announced

  507. A history of Intel's R&D in Israel

  508. Bringing ads to your phones

  509. Google teaming with Israeli high-tech startups

  510. NICE Systems launches voice fraud solution

  511. Israel's arms exports increased by 20 percent in 2012

  512. $5.5b in Israeli exits in 2012

  513. IDE wins desalination contracts worth $650m in US

    December, 2012

  514. The Iron Dome Soars High

  515. Israel successfully tests Magic Wand system

  516. Volcano acquires medical imaging company Sync-Rx

  517. Another Israeli hero

  518. XTL acquires 31% stake in Proteologics from Teva

  519. Qualcomm buys assets of ultrasound technology firm

  520. Solving problems unconsciously

  521. Israel prepares new missile defense system

  522. Orbit wins $150m satellite-gear contract

  523. NCR to acquire Israeli company Retalix for $650 million

  524. 3M invests in voice technology company VocalZoom

  525. Tel Aviv creeps up on Silicon Valley as top start-up center

  526. Israel to export gas this decade

  527. Amphenol buys Tel-Ad Electronics assets for $70m.

  528. Australia's Woodside buying 30% of Leviathan for $2.5b

    November, 2012

  529. A High-Tech Hero

  530. Remote controlled robotic boats

  531. "Globes" names Fiverr most promising start up

  532. Fair, fresh and fast

  533. Mazor Robotics wins first Vietnamese order

  534. Q3/2012 VC investments in Israel - up 8%

  535. IBA inks Taiwan proton deal Delivery set for 2014.

  536. Laser Pointer IDs Dangerous Chemicals

  537. Stryker buys Surpass Medical for $135m.

  538. This cardboard bike could change transportation as we know it

  539. Landa mulls raising up to $200m for nanometric ink company

  540. Israel pushing ahead in medical marijuana industry

    October, 2012

  541. The Israeli high-tech sector

  542. Rescuing Injured Soldiers With An Ingenious Backpack System

  543. How Israel became India's most important partner in arms bazaar

  544. Elbit Systems wins $18.5m contract with Latin American air force

  545. Prof. Isaac Kaplan, father of laser surgery dies

  546. Israel saw a giant leap in the number of new start-ups in the second quarter

  547. The Rise of Israeli Fish Farming

  548. E-commerce co FiftyOne mulls Wall Street IPO

  549. Teva buys Huntington disease treatment for $26m

  550. S&P affirms Israel's rating

  551. Three Israeli universities among world's top 200

  552. Elbit Systems to Deliver a New Configuration of the ATMOS SP GUN for a Customer in East Asia

  553. Israeli Navy Selects Elta's Radar

    September, 2012

  554. High Tech Blooms

  555. Avent buys electronic components business

  556. Finisar to acquire optical amplification company RED-C Optical Networks for $23.7 million

  557. Intel Capital to expand Israel investments

  558. As Mellanox rides high, CEO Eyal Waldman talks about the growth potential, his no-nonsense management style, and his abiding fear.

  559. The Boeing Company has validated the integration of a new helmet system for pilots of the F-15 Silent Eagle aircraft, designed partly by Israel's Elbit Systems

  560. Qualcomm acquires DesignArt for $120-140m

  561. Israel's long-range UAV is ready for action

  562. The Paulee CleanTec toilet will go a step further.

  563. Microsoft inaugurates Israeli innovation center

    July, 2012

  564. Mazor Robotics

  565. The camera that can see through skin, look inside an egg - and even look around corners

  566. H1/2012 venture capital investments down 11 percent

  567. Abby Joseph Cohen: Israel is high tech superpower

  568. How hi-tech robots will prevent the next IDF soldier kidnapping

  569. Water from the sea: the risks and rewards of Israel's huge bet on desalination

  570. Israeli drone sensor pinpoint terror sites

  571. Index Ventures new £350m fund to include Israel investments

  572. Blue rose comes to China through Israeli technology

  573. Unit 8200 and Israel's high-tech whiz kids

  574. Cure laser cures your pain right at home

  575. Yossi Vardi, godfather of Israel's hi-tech industry

    June, 2012

  576. Using Solar Energy

  577. A green farm for cheese thrives in the desert

  578. The Israeli print technology industry rides again

  579. How the blind can 'read,' according to standard testing, shown in HU research

  580. Connecting rural China to the Internet via Israeli technology

  581. Tech ingenuity helps desert bloom with produce

  582. EMC buys XtremIO for $430m

  583. Technology that mimics the human brain

  584. Romanian girl saved by Israeli innovation at Hadassah

  585. Israeli startup leading the next evolution in videogames

  586. Intel Israel accounts for 40 percent of tech giant's revenue share

  587. Facebook set to buy for $80-100m

  588. Israeli company offers first 'medical smartphone'

  589. Israeli Ice Cream Shop Serves Hummus Ice Cream

  590. Quotium Technologies acquires Israeli company Seeker Security Ltd.

    May, 2012

  591. A Country Without Minerals

  592. Bayer exec eager to conduct R&D in Israel

  593. Israeli Startup SDE Produces Low-Cost Electricity From Waves

  594. Covidien buys hernia mesh company PolyTouch for $30-40m

  595. Medical miracle at the Wolfson Medical Center in Holon

  596. Covidien to buy Israeli company for $300 million

  597. Yozma sells 3% of Conduit for $39m

  598. IAI unveils Rex infantry robot

  599. Just $115 million in private equity deals in Q1 2012

  600. Apple takes bigger bite into Israel

  601. EMC buys XtremIO for $430m

    April, 2012

  602. The Secret of High-Tech Success

  603. Lichtman, Shani to raise $100-150m VC fund

  604. Israeli company advertises on eggs

  605. SingTel buys mobile ads company Amobee for $321m

  606. Israel named world's second-best cleantech innovator

  607. Israel in $1.6 billion arms deal with Azerbaijan

  608. Israel to sell $300m in water tech to China

  609. GE Healthcare invests $13.8m in Insightec

  610. Buffett: Iscar continues to amaze us

  611. Israel's gas reserves worth $130b

  612. Israeli stocks the best investment of past decade

  613. 90% detection rate in clinical tests for multiple types of cancers

  614. Goldman Sachs buys 10% of Viola Group

  615. Microsoft Israel launching start up incubator

  616. Avaya buys Radvision for US$230m

  617. Most active venture capital funds in Israel - 2011

  618. Covidien to buy Oridion Systems for $300m

  619. IAI unveils Rex infantry robot

    March, 2012

  620. The Research & Development Option

  621. Blackstone to make major investments in Israel

  622. Retail software solutions company opens U.S. headquarters in Teaneck

  623. Plant that needs little water and can flourish at night

  624. GE Invests in Ingesting Imaging Capsule

  625. Israel Shows Wares in Singapore Air Show

  626. Apple to use chip by recently acquired Israeli startup in iPad 3

  627. Report on 2011 Exits - Summary: Israeli high-tech M&As in 2011 up 134%; IPOs on the decline again

  628. Sound rather than sight can activate 'seeing' for the blind, say Hebrew University researchers

  629. Israeli anti-missile test "major milestone

  630. Summary of Israeli Private Equity Deals - 2011

  631. GE Healthcare invests $13.8m in Insightec

  632. Buffett: Iscar continues to amaze us

  633. Israel's gas reserves worth $130b"

    February, 2012

  634. There Was Only One Macintosh

  635. IBM buys mobile software firm Worklight

  636. $2.1b. raised in 2011, up 70% from 2010 -- Israeli VC fund share at 25%

  637. IAI signs $1.1b arms deal with India

  638. Elbit Systems wins $50m UAV contract

  639. eBay may launch Hebrew web site

  640. Google Backs Israel Entrepreneurs as Local Financing Drops

  641. Israel needs $3.9B to fund Arrow plan

  642. Israeli firm develops scanning system to tackle into brain diseases

  643. Netanyahu on Twitter

  644. 'Nimble' Startups

  645. GE invests in colon cancer capsule company Check-Cap

    January, 2012

  646. The Nobel Prize

  647. Apple to set up Israel development center

  648. Tegal invests in Israeli medtech startup

  649. Microsoft purchases Israeli video search

  650. Israeli start-up Takadu helps Londoners save water

  651. New cardiac invasive technology

  652. Israeli technology enables blind typing on a touchscreen

  653. Israel: 300 tons tomatoes per hectare

  654. 12,000 liters milk per cow!

  655. Israeli company launches Touchless technology

  656. Cornell University received $350 million from the Atlantic Philanthropies and its Chairman Charles Feeney

  657. Akamai to Acquire Contendo for $268M

  658. The Israeli Economy - Summary of 2011

  659. Eli Hurvitz 1932-2011

  660. CHS buys Israeli Solbar for $133m.

  661. Monsanto buys Israeli Beeologics

  662. Israel Corp. subsidiary to construct $680m. Peru power station

  663. Israel central bank forecasts economy will grow 3.2% in 2012

  664. Google founding Israeli start-up incubator

  665. How hi-tech robots will prevent the next attempt at IDF soldier kidnapping

  666. Global technology moves to the motion of Israeli sensors

  667. Check Point buys compliance technology vendor Dynasec

  668. Intel acquires Israeli company Telmap

  669. Tower, Medigus unveil smallest video camera

  670. Israelis invented the first PC anti-virus.

  671. Bodymetrics Body Scanner

  672. Small can be beautiful

  673. CChemChina completes Makhteshim Agan purchase

  674. Is the future rosy?

  675. NICE Systems gets Eiffel Tower order

  676. FDA approves NESS device for moving paralyzed legs

  677. Xerox to Acquire XMPie for $54m.

  678. HU 12th , TAU 21st in biotech patent engineering

  679. InRob's novel system for unmanned ground vehicles

  680. Chevron to implement On Track Innovations system in Cameroon

  681. Ormat to invest up to $63.5m in biodiesel

  682. Pfizer in licensing agreement With Quark Biotech

  683. Microsoft buys Israeli startup Gteko for $110m.

  684. DSM invests in Israeli personal care company

  685. Inkjet design could print at 1,000 pages per minute

  686. New perimeter security systems

  687. SuperCom secures $50m. contract

  688. Elbit Systems in border security contract

  689. ImClone, Sanofi lose patent case to Israeli institute

  690. Intel to acquire Invision

  691. Companies survey for the third quarter of 2011

  692. Israel's Ten Nobel Prize Winners

  693. Crystal clarity wins Chemistry Nobel for Israeli

  694. Telmap is named 8th fastest growing technology company in Deloitte Israel

  695. Israeli Scientist Develops Technology to Diagnose Hearing Loss

  696. CSarin Technologies' D-Light System Measures a Polished Diamond's Quality

  697. Citigroup intends to open a technology research and development center in Israel

  698. eBay buys Israeli start up The Gifts Project

  699. Tyco International buys Visonic for $100m

  700. World Economic Forum: Israel ranked 22nd in global competitiveness

  701. The BIRD Foundation Investment

  702. Hebrew University student turns paper mill waste into 'green' material for industrial applications

  703. Factor in keeping "good order" of genes and preventing disease discovered by Hebrew University, Swiss scientists

  704. Intel acquires Israeli mobile navigation firm Telma Chipmaker

  705. One-of-five Nobel Prize Laureates are Jewish

  706. Flexibility...

  707. Israel Aerospace Industries unveils urban warfare UAV

  708. Private equity fills venture capital void

  709. Wired presents Tel-Aviv's top 11 start-up companies

  710. IAI showcasing mini-UAV

  711. Inside Intel - a friendly airport scanner

  712. French buy UAVs from Israel for first time in 42 Years

  713. Yissum presents a virtual cane for the visually impaired

  714. GE Lighting buys LED co Lightech for $20m

  715. GE backs Israeli company that turns wastewater into electricity

  716. Weizmann Institute is top workplace outside US

  717. Device to monitor troops' medical status

  718. Weizmann Institute's groundbreaking research on autism

  719. Ybrant Digital to buy stake in Israeli company

  720. Netanyahu's office to use "shabbat phone"

  721. Newport agrees to buy Ophir Optronics for $230m.

  722. Water, Water Everywhere

  723. Yissum presents a virtual cane for the visually impaired

  724. Israeli dairy cows outperform cows in EU, US

  725. Airbus, IAI to develop early warning system for C295

  726. Mazor's new Renaissance robotic spinal surgery system

  727. Medical cyberbots may be crawling around inside you

  728. Rosy prospects for Israel's water industry

  729. Jive Software buys OffiSync, its biggest acquisition yet

  730. Israeli arms industry a major economic engine

  731. Israeli start-up offers minty solution for bad breath

  732. DG to acquire MediaMind for $517m in cash

  733. Paris Air Show features top Israeli technology

  734. Image sensor Advasense acquired by Pixim

  735. VMware buys SaaS Digital Fuel for $85m.

  736. Iron Dome ko's grad

  737. Tempe-based Limelight acquires Israeli tech firm

  738. Broadcom acquires SC Square

  739. Intel Israel to produce new Ivy Bridge processor

  740. Will Leviathan oil shale discovery make Israel the next energy giant?

  741. For haredi clients kosher cellular phone with Hasidic folk music

  742. Getty buys image copyright monitor PicScout for $20M

  743. Rafael lines up $1.8 billion India deal

  744. Electric car

  745. Medigus unveils world's smallest medical camera

  746. Citigroup to buy Ness for $307m.

  747. Permira buys drip copy Netafim for $850m.

  748. Image sensor co Advasense acquired by Pixim

  749. Israel hits $7.2 billion in arms exports

  750. Venture Capital Perks Up

  751. Israeli scientists develop artificial, cancer-sniffing nose

  752. The amazing robo-legs that let paraplegics walk again

  753. Palestinians get their first technology venture fund

  754. Israeli high-tech capital raising in Q1/2011: up 39%

  755. HSBC finds Israeli economy robust

  756. Increasing attacks

  757. Demron fabric gets Israeli patent

  758. Flexibility is Israel's key national characteristic.

  759. Vitamin A could curb fetal-alcohol effects

  760. IDF Merkava Mk4 with Rafael's trophy

  761. Israel's economy continues to roar

  762. Charge your iPhone of Blackberry by just placing it on a Powermat mat.

  763. Watering a thirsty planet

  764. Arrow missile test in Pacific succeeds

  765. Elbit unveils new UAV command center

  766. Global Linkage

  767. Private equity deal value at $769 million in Q4 2010

  768. $300m procurement deal in Israel

  769. A future army of robotic insects

  770. Low-cost, nanometer-sized drug developed by Hebrew U. and others holds promise for treatment of chronic diabetes and burn wounds

  771. New system measures customer service response time

  772. New IAI taxibot to save airlines billions

  773. Sniffer mice have a nose for explosives

  774. Corning buys wireless network MobileAccess

  775. Google has created the Web's largest digital archive of Holocaust photos and documents in partnership with the Yad Vashem museum in Israel.

  776. From solar to wind energy - Israel is open to ideas

  777. Israeli GDP surges up OECD ranks in 2010

  778. Intel to Invest $2.7 b. in Israeli 22-nm Fab

  779. Israel tested worm linked to Iran atom woes

  780. VC executives see Internet as hottest sector

  781. IBM Haifa lab receives most US patents in Israel

  782. Groupon acquires Israel's social buying Grouper for $8m.

  783. Israeli start-ups raised $11.1b VC in past decade

  784. FIMI to raise Israel's largest private equity fund

  785. Get a new set of eyes from Israel

  786. Raising fish in the desert

  787. Publishing giant Macmillan buys BioData

  788. Elbit Systems wins $260m. Brazilian order

  789. Hebrew U. ranked 21st in world for computer science 44th in world for economics and business

  790. Local concerns outsourcing to Palestinians

  791. Seeing the Western Wall

  792. Israel: Best Economy in the west

  793. Cabinet approves emergency plan to increase the production of Desalinated water

  794. Israeli firm seeks to revamp video surveillance

  795. A Change of National Direction

  796. Google invests in startup

  797. Israeli device lets paralyzed people stand and walk

  798. More about solar power

  799. New energy: Future trends

  800. Apple's iPad to enable medical staff to help treat patients

  801. Good News items from Israel

  802. Apple's iPad to enable medical staff to help treat patients

  803. Bayer and Evogene sign collaboration agreement to improve wheat seed

  804. Tel Aviv Exchange seeks to become high-tech center

  805. An Exciting Quarter of a Century

  806. Broadcom buys Sightic Vista for $10-$20m

  807. Summary of Israeli Private Equity Deals - Q3 / 2010

  808. New electronic sensor 'better than sniffer dogs' at detecting bombs

  809. Cancer diagnostic company Aposense signs with Roche

  810. New osteoporosis treatment

  811. Hebrew University-developed security video invention wins Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award

  812. Teva buys Merck KGaA women's health unit

  813. Oracle buys 10.2% in Mellanox

  814. Broadcom buys femtocell company Percello

  815. Provigent picked as most promising start-up

  816. Google to put Dead Sea Scrolls online

  817. Cooperation in micro-irrigation

  818. Israeli firms see a global market for their anti-terrorism know-how

  819. Wind farm project

  820. Defense Industries Soar!

  821. Golan Heights wind farm project underway

  822. BOI Chief Stanley Fischer named one of world's top six bankers

  823. Mergers and Acquisitons

  824. Israel Information Technology Report Q3 2010

  825. Israel's Stanley Fischer among top six

  826. $4.2m. in BIRD investments

  827. $341 million raised in Q3 2010

  828. McGraw-Hill Education acquires Tegrity

  829. PMC-Sierra buys Wintegra

  830. Chip co Broadcom buys femtocell co Percello

  831. The season of mergers and acquisitions is in full swing.

  832. Teva's Laquinimod effective over 36 weeks

  833. Knesset Finance C'ttee approves F-35 deal

  834. An invisible keyboard?

  835. Radware close to $1b acquisition by HP or IBM

  836. Google buying second Israeli startup: Quiksee

  837. Intel's new "Sandy Bridge" chip was developed in Haifa

  838. Kick-starting Israel's place in space

  839. Israel and Russia sign military cooperation deal

  840. A Decade of Change

  841. Breath test may be able to detect common cancers

  842. Israeli defense firms land record deal: Making parts for F-35 Joint Strike jets

  843. High tech jump leads exports rise

  844. Economy grew at 4.7% in second quarter

  845. HU professor first Israeli to win top math medal considered equivalent to Nobel Prize

  846. Quark in Novartis; plans TASE IPO

  847. VC company Giza gains exit in Taiwan

  848. Israeli firm developing new touch screen

  849. 3M buys Attenti for $230m

  850. Jailbreak woes coming?

  851. Israeli company develops tomato that doesn't need to be refrigerated

  852. Mazor wins FDA nod for combined surgical systems

  853. Emblaze sells Formula Systems to Asseco

  854. Iron Dome Destroys Missiles

  855. George Soros buys Comverse stake

  856. Israeli VC firms' share in local funding hits 10-year low

  857. Gesture control

  858. The Origins of Israel's Pharmaceutical Industry

  859. Businesses ink deal with Israeli incubator

  860. Life sciences become big business in Israel

  861. Israel and the US Sign Deal to Develop Arrow 3 Anti-Missile Defense System

  862. New Invention at the Weizmann Institute: Enables Severely Disabled People to Communicate and Steer a Wheelchair by Sniffing

  863. Ofek-9 Soars into Space

  864. BiolineRX deal with Cypress Bioscience worth up to $365m

  865. Merck Serono to expand Israel operations

  866. Economic Developments Q1 2010

  867. Computers used in drive to test stress

  868. Electric Helmet Slows Brain Tumors Without Chemo Side Effects

  869. "A Nice Shower"

  870. Odds & Ends

  871. Medtronic invests $70m. in cardiology co BioControl

  872. Israel invited into OECD

  873. Bitstream Inc. acquires Press-sense Ltd.

  874. Israel launches huge seawater purification plant

  875. US to fund installation of Israeli rocket defense system

  876. Shai Agassi's Better Place raises $350 million

  877. Computer software decodes emotions over the phone

  878. Teva beats earnings estimate

  879. BriefCam video synopsis wins security industry award

  880. Three Palestinian girls win trip to California science fair

  881. Israel Corp unit Inkia wins large energy deal in Peru with Kallpa power company

  882. Israel at 62

  883. Hand-clapping songs improve motor and cognitive skills

  884. Teva pays $334m to collaborate on cancer drug

  885. Israel Information Technology Report Q2

  886. Pegasus to invest $150m in Israeli cleantech, security companies

  887. Israeli scientists racing to create 'bionic eye' that could help millions

  888. Israel - a magnet for medical tourism

  889. US agro-equipment giant John Deere buys troubled Israeli company

  890. Innovative surveillance system from Adaptive Imaging Technologies

  891. $234 million raised in Q1, a 15% decrease from Q4 2009

  892. Teva at the Top of the Generics

  893. Teva buys German Ratiopharm

  894. Israeli high-tech mergers and acquisitions in 2009 - $2.54 billion

  895. Eilat to have Israel's largest wind farm

  896. Elbit Systems wins large Australian Army deal

  897. Hebrew University researchers developing 'breakfast of champions'

  898. Big brother may be watching as Israel embarks on CCTV project

  899. National Science Day

  900. Fast Company Names SolarEdge One of the World's 10 Most Israeli Devices That Can Help Slow Drivers Down

  901. Innovative Companies in Energy for 2010

  902. Given Imaging buys Sierra Scientific Instruments

  903. Israel-Intel Love Affair

  904. Dell buys data storage company Exanet

  905. VC funding slumped in 2009

  906. Israeli mind-scanner may take over US airports

  907. Drug surveillance drones frequent flyers in Latin America

  908. New device switches traffic In less than 100 billionth of a second

  909. Oracle buys Israeli start up Convergin

  910. GSK to invest $2.5m in Teva startup Proteologics

  911. Israel OKs new controversial weapon

  912. Israeli scientists show DNA evidence can be fabricated

  913. Desalination is big business

  914. DVTel Inc. buys ioimage for $80m.

  915. Israel Corp. completes $100m Better Place funding

  916. UAVs do the job

  917. Deloitte: Israeli high-tech M&A back on track

  918. Teva forecasts $31b sales by 2015

  919. Iron Dome tests are successful

  920. SunPower and SolarPower Ltd. dedicate 50-Kilowatt solar power system for HP

  921. Israel's military avatar: robots on the battlefield

  922. C-TRUE provides face recognition security solutions to Brinks

  923. Economic Outlook Brightens

  924. Abbott Labs buys StarLIMS

  925. Alcon buys Israeli glaucoma treatment company Optonol

  926. Knesset Approves Biometric Database

  927. Russia wants to acquire UAVs

  928. Rafael releases new member of Spike family - Spike NLOS

  929. Teva invests $60m to develop cancer drug

  930. Broadcom buys Israeli start-up Dune Networks

  931. PlanPlatform sold for $25m

  932. IBM to buy Israeli start-up company Guardium for $225m.

  933. CA buys remote server software co Oblicore

  934. Born 25 Years Ago

  935. Special IDF explosives lab attracts international experts

  936. Israel ranks fourth in the world in scientific activity

  937. High-tech drives huge leap in exports

  938. IAI to supply UAVs to Brazil in $350m deal

  939. India buys upgraded Israeli air defenses for $1.1 billion

  940. Local VCs cut investment in start-ups

  941. "Better Place" will spend $1.1b on Israeli electric car project"

  942. UK company M86 buys Finjan

  943. Teva beats estimates as Copaxone sales hit record

  944. Motorola buys Israeli company

  945. Israeli Awarded Nobel Prize

  946. Signs of economic improvement

  947. Oracle buys Israeli business intelligence company HyperRoll

  948. Water desalination using new reverse osmosis method promises high recovery

  949. IAI unit Elta secure South Korea orders

  950. Israeli team working to decipher ancient texts

  951. Israeli firm makes UAVs for U.S.

  952. Siemens buys into Israeli solar energy Co Arava Power

  953. Wind turbines improved with use propellers

  954. First Israeli snow falls on Alpine resort

  955. Ninth Most Innovative Country

  956. New Google Insight tool developed in Israel

  957. India to acquire anti-aircraft missile system from Israel

  958. DNA evidence can be fabricated

  959. VC investment lowest in decade

  960. Anti-rocket defense system Iron Dome hits first try

  961. Mazor shares jump on report of first surgery

  962. Desert rhubarb - a self-irrigating plant

  963. Magal gets airport, nuclear plant protection contracts

  964. AORA launches first hybrid solarized gas turbine power station

  965. High-tech hit hard by recession

  966. Alvarion in US $100m. WiMAX deal

  967. MSCI has reclassified Israel as a "developed market"

  968. GlaxoSmithKline purchases Protea vaccine

  969. Airway management ranks among the highest priorities in clinical care.

  970. Israel pioneers hybrid solar/natural gas technology

  971. Hebrew University research leads to advanced trials of new cancer treatment

  972. Israel ranked 9th most innovative country

  973. India to adopt Israeli method to increase mango yield

  974. Research by Hebrew University holds promise for novel oral anti-diabetic drugs

  975. Israel's defense industries

  976. Cancer-Fighting Robot to be Unveiled at ILSI-Biomed Israel Conference

  977. It all began with a "familial" wager

  978. IAI speeds-up delivery of UAVs to Russia

  979. Nanobible presented to the Pope

  980. DNA helps track down stolen cow in Israel

  981. New Solar Power Farm in Israel Will 'Help Fight Terror'

  982. Unmanned rotorcraft for urban operations

  983. New treatment of intractable angina and a non-invasive way of producing blood vessels

  984. Healthcare, environment companies get OCS funds

  985. Neutralizing tumor growth in embryonic stem cell therapy

  986. Next-generation Israeli UAVs to take off in Paris

  987. Hebrew U. to launch biggest center in Israel for brain research

  988. Ephraim Katzir is dead

  989. An Export Industry that will Flourish

  990. Russia to buy Israel surveillance drones

  991. 'Iron Dome' expected to be operational by summer 2010

  992. Arrow interceptor test successful

  993. Israeli technology to increase mango yield

  994. Yissum and Germany's Merck set up nanotech start-up

  995. Teva gets FDA approval on version of J&J's Topamax

  996. Rafael posts record profit as orders double

  997. Value of Israeli high-tech M&A fell 19 percent in 2008

  998. 13 Israeli companies on Forbes' list

  999. "Diet Beef" Cows

  1000. Ben-Gurion University signs collaborative contract with Bayer CropScience

  1001. Collateral Damage

  1002. Cancer-sniffing nose yields promising results

  1003. Biodiesel Galten to float an IPO on TASE

  1004. Seeing through walls

  1005. $5b. a year is the cost of on-line fraud

  1006. Israeli start-up Delver acquired by Sears

  1007. Dead Sea brings life to skin-care

  1008. Technique for eliminating reblockage of arteries following angioplasty

  1009. Netafim wins massive ethanol crop contract

  1010. Israeli energy start-up to turns traffic into source of electricity

  1011. Ben Gurion University researchers develop energy efficient windows

  1012. $793m of capital raised by Israeli venture capital funds in 2008

  1013. Thirsty plants send 'text' message

  1014. Zenith Solar to open first solar energy solar farm

  1015. Global Recession Comes to Israel

  1016. Southern California Edison and BrightSource Energy in world's largest solar deal

  1017. Agricultural high-tech

  1018. Rocket-proof wall a success

  1019. Senior surfers

  1020. MDKeeper Wristop vital signs monitor

  1021. Israel - A land of tech promise

  1022. Free Internet-Calling Services join the cellphone app market

  1023. South Korea to buy Israeli radar system in $215 million deal

  1024. Mexico police buy Israeli air surveillance systems

  1025. Ventor in $400 million acquisition by Medtronic

  1026. Microsoft in talks to acquire local startup 3DV Systems

  1027. Check Point earnings beat analysts' estimates

  1028. Tessera focuses on higher quality camera phones

  1029. Teva and Swiss Lonza in biogenerics collaboration

  1030. TASE 2008 Highlights

  1031. 2008 Summary of Israeli High-Tech Company Capital Raising

  1032. Vector finally gets Aladdin

  1033. VC survey indicates widespread pessimism for 2009

  1034. A Year of Discontent

  1035. Check Point to buy Nokia's security appliance business

  1036. St. Jude buys Israel's MediGuide for $300 million

  1037. Israel Information Technology report Q4 2008

  1038. Behavioral screening -- the future of airport security

  1039. Gaza Teacher Fights Blackouts In The Strip With Israel-Made Solar Panel

  1040. Thales is making its first significant investment in Israel

  1041. Patient photos aid doctors in reading CT scans

  1042. Harmonic acquires Scopus Video Networks for $86 million

  1043. Technology and Innovation Thrive

  1044. 2008 capital raising expected to reach an eight year record high

  1045. Foreign investors leave TASE but increase direct investment

  1046. Sokol the personal sweet water purification system

  1047. CA buys role management company Eurekify

  1048. Globes' most promising start-up of 2008: Amobee

  1049. Johnson & Johnson acquires Omrix Biopharmaceuticals

  1050. Teva maintains growth

  1051. Healing with Laser Heat Surgical lasers could soon heal cuts as well as make incisions

  1052. Software developed to improve your looks

  1053. Merck- Our top three products have Israeli roots

  1054. Israeli company to secure Vatican

  1055. The IntuView Technology

  1056. Teva and Professor Ephraim Katzir (Articles extracted from "Israel at 60"

  1057. The Global Chaos and Israel

  1058. The third eye in your car

  1059. Israel to buy $15.2 bln in Lockheed fighters

  1060. B-G airport to introduce pilot identification system to prevent terror

  1061. Venture capitalists expect high tech salary cuts

  1062. Galcon's remote control of irrigation systems

  1063. GlobalLogic bought by American company

  1064. Teva enters Nasdaq's top ten

  1065. Of High-Tech and Olympic Medals

  1066. Sturgeon at the Kibbutz Dan Fishery

  1067. Red Hat buys Israeli virtualization company Qumranet

  1068. Fabrics that can expand, open, or retract

  1069. Monsanto invests in Israeli plant biotech co Evogene

  1070. CompactSafe explosive detection system

  1071. Brazilian stolen-car wave spurs sales of Ituran tracking system

  1072. Now, taste honey of your choice!

  1073. Dead Sea Scrolls to be available on the Internet

  1074. Selling small is a way of life

  1075. Frost & Sullivan cites TransPharma for its innovative ViaDerm drug delivery system

  1076. Hi-tech companies raise $291 million in second quarter

  1077. IDE Technologies wins Australian contract

  1078. New therapy for promoting growth of blood vessels

  1079. Drug may help insomniacs over age 55

  1080. Telecoms grew 5.4% in 2007

  1081. US reportedly has closed a deal to include Israel into the U.S. missile defense system

  1082. Aladdin receives buyout offer from Vector Capital

  1083. Ormat 2nd-quarter profit climbs 44 percent

  1084. Robo-skeleton lets paralyzed walk

  1085. NASA Technology Illuminates Faded Dead Sea Scrolls

  1086. Our Best Wishes for a Happy, Healthy New Year

  1087. Silent eyes in the sky

  1088. Microsoft buys data quality start-up Zoomix

  1089. White wine with health benefits

  1090. "Why is there only One Teva?

  1091. Israel to invest NIS 400m in alternative energy

  1092. Teva to buy Barr Pharma for more than $7b.

  1093. Start-ups raise over $1 billion

  1094. Israeli company tests anti- Qassam mssile

  1095. Israeli Energy Company to build Sea Wave Power plants in China

  1096. Israeli scientists grow palm from 2,000-year-old seed at Masada

  1097. Eli Lilly buys rights to TransPharma osteoporosis product

  1098. Israeli company develops system that allows users to see through walls

  1099. Deere & Company has completed the acquisition of Plastro Irrigation Systems

  1100. IAI delivers for Gulfstream

  1101. Stem cell company Cognate to open Israel facility

  1102. Israeli start-up Jajah partners with Yahoo

  1103. HP Israel to open start-up incubation program

  1104. Wind River Systems opens design center

  1105. GE Healthcare buys Versamed

  1106. Challenge Fund becomes Coca Cola tech scout

  1107. Teva reports positive results for its Azilect Parkinson's treatment

  1108. New Intel plant opens in Kiryat Gat

  1109. and what of the future

  1110. Solel signs second deal in Spain

  1111. New technology Interprets dog barks to prevent prison breaks

  1112. IAI signs with India's Tata on joint venture

  1113. Israeli Start Up breakthrough for early detection of High Risk pregnancy

  1114. Project Better Place presents electric car prototype

  1115. Detecting liars

  1116. Flying car could become Israel's robotic ambulance

  1117. VC investment hits 7-year high

  1118. UAV tested for patrols over northern water

  1119. Economy grows faster than expected

  1120. UK co Micro Focus buys NetManage for $73.3m.

  1121. Israel at 60

  1122. IBM Confirms Diligent Acquisition

  1123. Arrow successfully simulates intercept of mock Shihab missile

  1124. HP seeks growth engines in Israel

  1125. IBM buys Israeli start-up

  1126. Elbit $1.1b. Systems in F-16 deal

  1127. $1.1b. capital raised by VCs in 2007

  1128. Luz II signs deal with California energy giant

  1129. Microsoft buys Israeli-founded travel website

  1130. AMOS-3 satellite sent into orbit

  1131. It only looks like a balagan!

  1132. GE Healthcare buys Versamed

  1133. IVC's 2007 Exit Report

  1134. Cellular technology Modu gets $100m in VC commitments

  1135. IBM in talks with Israeli start-up Diligent Technologies

  1136. 65% of Rafael products are exported

  1137. UAVs to replace most manned coastal air patrols

  1138. Microsoft acquires desktop virtualization firm Kidaro

  1139. Itamar: Hearing Heart Disease

  1140. Concentrated solar power technology

  1141. Teva to pay $360m for Generic maker Bentley Pharma to boost Spain operations

  1142. The Ins and Outs of Exits

  1143. Rafael offers Jamming technology for slower aircraft

  1144. Novel respirator for babies

  1145. Yahoo! buys Israel's Foxytunes

  1146. How to lose weight and not go hungry

  1147. Modu to launch tiny Phone Modu

  1148. Fish farms for urban environment

  1149. British Library adopts more Ex Libris technology

  1150. Israel's new TESCAR spy satellite transmits first top quality images

  1151. Samsung Ventures makes Investment in Israel's Micro Components.

  1152. eBay unit pays $169m for Israeli start-up FraudSciences

  1153. Israeli-Russian-German venture in hydrogen car breakthrough

  1154. Microsoft buys Israeli start-up YaData

  1155. Electric Car Launched!

  1156. Israeli-Chinese VC fund nets $350 million

  1157. 2007 Summary of Israeli high-tech company capital raising

  1158. Bioness buys NESS for $75m.

  1159. IDF develops tiny bulldozer for combat inside cities

  1160. Firm to detect bulk explosives

  1161. Israeli firms raise record capital in 2007 offerings

  1162. IDE to build desalination plant in Australia

  1163. IBM buys another data storage company

  1164. New Technique Helps Blind to see

  1165. Israel unveils missile designed to intercept Hezbollah rockets

  1166. The Economy is on a Roll!

  1167. HP buys NUR Macroprinters

  1168. Israelis among leaders in Internet usage

  1169. Amarin to buy Israeli R&D company

  1170. InSightec a 2008 World Economic Forum technology pioneer

  1171. Ybrant acquires Israeli ad firm Oridian

  1172. Earnings jump at Israel Aircraft Industries

  1173. Jerusalem Global starts $200m. tech fund

  1174. TASE and NASDAQ sign an MOU

  1175. Game Giveaway to support the Mideast peace process

  1176. Taiwanese invest in Israeli image sensor startup

  1177. Israel launches anti-hijack pilot identification system

  1178. Economy: 17 consecutive quarters of growth

  1179. Ormat signs 20-year agreement with Southern California Edison

  1180. Haifa Technion scientists create world's smallest bible

  1181. The Focus is on Water!

  1182. Quigo exits at $363 million

  1183. AOL buys Israeli search technology company Yedda

  1184. Intel launches first 45-nanometer processors

  1185. Elbit Systems wins $30m UAV order from IDF

  1186. Teva in stem cell collaboration

  1187. Israeli systems detect explosives, anthrax

  1188. Israel's water company installs anthrax detector

  1189. Merck to start Israeli R&D

  1190. 'Magic' thimble predicts heart disease

  1191. Israeli electric cars venture raises $200 million

  1192. Israel and Mexico in water deal

  1193. A "Risk Distribution Law" for Evolution

  1194. Up, Up and Away!

  1195. Israeli planes to get anti-missile lasers

  1196. New Israeli aviation systems to curb missiles, hijacking

  1197. Japan's CSK to invest $100m in Israel

  1198. PetroChina chooses Retalix Point-of-Sale Fuel Software Solutions

  1199. Summary of Israeli High-Tech Company Capital Raising

  1200. Cisco buys Navini Networks

  1201. NICE wins Shanghai Airport multimillion dollar order

  1202. SHL sells Raytel Cardiac Services to Philips

  1203. AT&T buys Israeli web-conferencing company Interwise

  1204. Elbit Systems supplies laser-guided bombs to IAF

  1205. Nokia Siemens buys Atrica

  1206. Small is Beautiful

  1207. Eye surgery made simpler

  1208. FTSE grants Israel "developed" status

  1209. Tower Semiconductor inks Motorola deal

  1210. Portable explosive sniffer

  1211. Interior Ministry adopting biometric passports

  1212. Beduin R&D center opens in Negev

  1213. Sweden's Hexagon buys Israeli 3D optics start-up CogniTens

  1214. S.G.D Engineering Ltd.

  1215. EMC buys Israeli start-up Illuminator's IP

  1216. Evogene signs Monsanto development deal

  1217. Explosive Growth to Continue

  1218. California utility to buy power generated by solar array

  1219. Cisco invests in Israeli start-up OpTier

  1220. Technion develops world's smallest medical robot

  1221. $842m. raised in H1

  1222. Israel-India to develop $2.47b missile system

  1223. Israel's economy: Update

  1224. Website allows phone calls by email

  1225. Syngenta buys Zeraim Gedera for $90-100m.

  1226. Eitan a high altitude long endurance UAV

  1227. Technion architects turn dew into clean water

  1228. Teva invests in a startup - Mediwound

  1229. Anti-jelly fish sting agent

  1230. The Israeli-Chinese Connection

  1231. China signs desalination plant order

  1232. Ofek-7 spy satellite launched

  1233. Israel in fourth place among defense exporters

  1234. Israelis develop innovative printing technology

  1235. TASE completes record quarter for IPOs

  1236. Motorola readies to open r&d facility

  1237. Cordis to distribute Medinol bare metal stents

  1238. Foreign R&D centers employ 35,000 workers in Israel

  1239. VCs Name top Israeli Startups

  1240. High-techie yes, prime minister no!

  1241. Night vision equipment to be acquired by Indian Army

  1242. Intel invests in software company Ceedo

  1243. Israel up three places in World Competitiveness rankings

  1244. Veolia Environment SA to invest $1 billion in Israel

  1245. Israeli investors establish $155m. China fund

  1246. Broadcom buying Octalica for $35m.-$40m.

  1247. Shire signs letter of intent to invest $50m. in oil drilling project

  1248. Completion of ballistic testing

  1249. Reuters buying ClearForest

  1250. Technology identifies explosives at airports

  1251. Kreos Capital to invest $360m. in Israeli high-tech

  1252. Defense exports up 25% in 2006 to over $3b.

  1253. Ernst & Young: Life sciences investment down

  1254. YOGGIE

  1255. Way to Keep Precious Water Resources Clean Developed by Researchers at Ben-Gurion U.

  1256. Merger and acquisitions at high pitch

  1257. Rafael undertakes anti-ballistic missile r&d project

  1258. Water, water everywhere but...

  1259. Purifying water

  1260. ALD to provide software for the Sukhoi Superjet 100

  1261. Syneron Invests in new dental aesthetic technology

  1262. IMF ups Israel growth forecast

  1263. SpeedBit's Incredible Shrinking Download

  1264. Google buys stake in Israeli start-up Maxthon

  1265. Tooth used for releasing medicine

  1266. The Israeli firm's device can transmit heart data directly to doctors

  1267. Audiodent innovates hearing device

  1268. Zaka scooters fitted with cameras linked to hospital in real-time

  1269. "Breeding Billionaires"

  1270. Anti-missile exercise tests electronics of Arrow system

  1271. Shamrock to start new Israel fund with $250m.

  1272. IHTIR visits the Ashkelon desalination plant

  1273. Consortium to set up Israeli Technology Park in China

  1274. Sokol the personal sweet water purification system

  1275. Israeli-made drones in action in Iraq, Afghanistan

  1276. EFI and Kornit join to bring digital inkjet technology to textile industry

  1277. Israel develops futuristic fuel cell powered aircraft

  1278. Israeli VCs raised $473m. in 2006

  1279. Novel radiology system aims to replace angioplasty

  1280. Israeli firm develops flying car

  1281. P&G invests in energy-based anti-aging technology

  1282. IVC: Capital raising by software companies up 59% in 2006

  1283. Israel's answer to Iran's BMs

  1284. IAI to unveil solar-powered UAV

  1285. Israel fourth among defense suppliers

  1286. Number of First Investments by top 10 funds show stability

  1287. Bomb-Sniffing breakthrough for bags

  1288. Bioline floats at half-billion shekel market cap

  1289. Prayers via Internet

  1290. US Marines select Rafael's Golan armored vehicle

  1291. Quigo touted

  1292. High-Tech thrives as politics boil

  1293. Israeli IT company wins Chilean bid

  1294. Intel epects $3b. exports from Israeli Fab

  1295. Silicom Ventures Fund Invests in Yoggie Security Systems

  1296. Israeli high-tech capital raising in 2006 reaches $1.62b.

  1297. The China-Israel connection

  1298. Israeli software company in NASA deal

  1299. Company with a camera that sees through walls gets $14 million

  1300. Ceragon inks deal with US army

  1301. Israeli company develops dog-based security system

  1302. Foreign investment reached record $23.7 billion in 2006

  1303. Defining Events of 2006

  1304. Skype adds lie detector to VoIP service

  1305. Overview of Israel's Internet & Broadband

  1306. The Israeli Satellites

  1307. Turn Eyeglasses Into Movie Screen

  1308. Epix Pharmaceutical in $1.2 billion deal with Glaxo Smith Kline

  1309. Professor Stephen Hawking visits Israel

  1310. 2006 to be record year for defense exports

  1311. Israel may develop aerial-refueling UAVs

  1312. Copper fabrics that are said to heal

  1313. IVC's 2006 Summary: Israeli High-Tech M&As valued at $10.6 billion;

  1314. "Follow the leader"

  1315. New Zealand navy plans to buy Israeli anti-terror guns

  1316. Intel's Israel-developed "Quad-Core Processor" enters the market

  1317. Dutch Air Force chooses Rafael Litening targeting pod

  1318. "Believe in Israel - Fortify the Ties"

  1319. AOL acquires Relegence for rumored $50-$100 million

  1320. USAF to purchase 20 Python 5 missiles

  1321. Teva Q3 profit up on generic sales

  1322. Applied Materials Israel in $110m China deal

  1323. Israeli research on human embryonic stem cell is ranked 2nd in the world

  1324. Israeli High-Tech Company Capital Raising Q1-Q3/2006

  1325. Israel is experiencing post War in Lebanon Blues

  1326. Technion to get $100 million for biomed research

  1327. NICE Systems receives Eiffel Tower order

  1328. Agilent opens R&D center in Israel

  1329. FDA approves NESS device for moving paralyzed legs

  1330. Xerox to Acquire XMPie for $54m

  1331. Global Competitiveness Report 2006-2007

  1332. Pfizer signs licensing agreement with Quark Biotech

  1333. Microsoft buys Israeli startup Gteko for $110m

  1334. Inkjet design could print at 1,000 pages per minute

  1335. SuperCom obtains $50m contract

  1336. Teva Pharmaceutical CEO Makov Retiring

  1337. IAI to supply UAVs to Indonesia

  1338. The Anatomy of a Hi-Techie

  1339. Spinal surgery robot demonstrated in Gwinnett

  1340. Biometric device aims to identify terrorists

  1341. IAI publishes financials

  1342. Novel device for identifying explosives

  1343. Lucent to Buy Software Company Mobilitec

  1344. Infinity to invest in Israeli-China deals

  1345. Warren Buffett visits Israel

  1346. Bananas that defend themselves

  1347. The Katyusha War

  1348. New Intel chips based on technology developed in Haifa

  1349. Rafael wins follow-on order to protect US Bradleys in Iraq

  1350. New waterless foam for Enhanced Skin Delivery

  1351. Hewlett-Packard to buy Mercury Interactive

  1352. Summary of Israeli High-Tech Company Capital Raising Q2 / H1 2006

  1353. FDA approves NESS device for paralyzed legs

  1354. CA acquires XOSOFT

  1355. Gemprint identifies diamonds

  1356. TopSpin Medical an Emerging Growth Company

  1357. My Son the Doctor

  1358. Teva Pharmaceuticals to Invest $6 Million in CureTech

  1359. Israel to launch contactless transit-fare cards

  1360. Ormat to build three plants in Canada

  1361. Gilat to supply communications equipment to Angola

  1362. Anti-Parkinson's Drug Obtains FDA Approval

  1363. BGU to cooperate with Invitrogen to Produce Products for the Biotech/Pharma Market

  1364. The Israeli Life Science Industry1996-2005: A Decade of Growth

  1365. Leading Medical Technology Companies

  1366. The Mournful Sirens are Silenced

  1367. Warren Buffett invests $4b. in Iscar

  1368. Israel launches satellite

  1369. A potato for the weight conscious

  1370. In mid-May Israel held its 16th International Agricultural Exhibition, Agritech 2006.

  1371. Warren Buffet buys second Israeli company

  1372. Rafael, BAE win follow-on order for Typhoons from U.S. Navy

  1373. Israeli Firm Develops Portable Device to Detect Liquid-Borne Toxins

  1374. NASDAQ will launch Israel index

  1375. The Promise of Tomorrow is here Today

  1376. Google buys search algorithm invented by Israeli student

  1377. No secret safe from Russian airport security

  1378. VeriFone to buy Lipman for $793 million

  1379. Capital raised by Israeli high-tech companies levels off at $360m. in Q1 2006

  1380. Sun: We will buy more Israeli companies

  1381. Company Markets 'Kosher' Cell Phone

  1382. BMC to buy Israeli start-up Identify for $150m

  1383. Israeli robot wins first place

  1384. Beijing metro selects NICE security solution

  1385. When money grew on trees

  1386. Brits buy CornerShot the Israeli 'James Bond' rifle

  1387. The computer and Internet markets

  1388. Google to set up first Middle East R&D center in Haifa

  1389. Technion and American Researchers, Solve Mystery of the Dolphin "Dance"

  1390. Israeli VCs raise $1.2b in 2005

  1391. There is water under the desert

  1392. Alma Lasers acquired by TA Associates

  1393. The Perception of Israel Changes

  1394. YEDA establishes joint research fund with Johnson & Johnson

  1395. Novel voice analysis systems

  1396. A bright solar energy start-up

  1397. NasVax finishes animal trials on flu vaccine

  1398. TrafficSense alerts drivers of traffic tie-ups on cell phones

  1399. Startup turns organic waste into energy

  1400. BioLineRx In-Licenses Two Additional Drug Candidates from TAU and the Technion

  1401. Boeing joins Israeli anti-missile venture

  1402. Asia Eurospace 2006

  1403. Israel: an Emerging Market Opportunity