from the March 2013 issue

World's first plant to produce regenerated bone

Bonus Biogroup Ltd. (TASE: BONS) announced that it has begun construction of the world's first plant to produce regenerated bone. The 750-square meter facility at Haifa's Matam High Tech Park will have three wings: a center for the production of bone implants, which will initially be used in clinical trials; an R&D center; and a headquarters and administration center, which will also supervise the company's US development center. The center is scheduled to be completed by mid-year.

The center will include a facility for the production of preordered personalized human living bone implants for supplementing missing bone in the patient, as well as a network of clean rooms and laboratories for oversight and quality control. The facility will meet Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards mandated by the regulators. The company adds that the facility will give it full control of the production process of human bone implants, without the need to rely on partners, and will enable the company to establish and operate a global network of bone implant production centers.

Bonus Biogrop CEO Shai Meretzki said, "The company is moving forward on schedule on human clinical trials, which will begin in a few months. Construction of the first production center of its kind in the world for human bone implants will be an important element for the implementation of the company's unique technology."

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report March 2013

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