from the April 2010 issue

Eilat to have Israel's largest wind farm

Eilat Ashkelon Pipeline Company wants to build a 50 MW wind farm at a cost of £50-60 million. The company (EAPC) is initiating the construction of a wind farm for the generation of electricity in the Eilat Mountains. The wind farm will be largest of its kind in Israel.

EAPC CEO Amos Yaron says that the wind farm will generate 50 megawatts and will cost £50-60 million to build. He predicts that the project could be built within 2-3 years, unless there are unexpected bureaucratic delays. Yaron said that EAPC wanted to build the wind farm using Israeli technology and equipment, and that it was in negotiations with two companies for this purpose. He stated", "We want to send a message of moving over to renewable energy sources, and here, there is also good use of land resources."

The Israel Civil Aviation Administration is examining the plan because of the proposed site's proximity to air lanes. If it approves the plan, EAPC will build a wind measurement station at the site and open negotiations with equipment vendors at the same time.

EAPC's entry into the wind farm market could face regulatory obstacles, since it is a government company supervised by the Ministry of Finance. EAPC executives do not believe that the ministry will frustrate the project, in view of the importance of developing renewable energy projects.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report April 2010

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