from the July 2011 issue

Israeli start-up offers minty solution for bad breath

Item 8 A Jerusalem-based start-up says they have developed a mint candy that may be a breath of fresh air to millions of people around the world suffering from halitosis, more commonly known as bad breath.

"It showed around 60 percent success in all the individuals tested," Breezy chief executive officer Hillel Lerman told Xinhua./ "and it is guaranteed to last for hours, unlike mouthwash and similar products."

The lollipop-shaped candy scrapes the bacteria that causes bad breath off the tongue. It was tested on 75 individuals, who showed no signs of halitosis up to fours hours later.

The candy, named Like, is sugarless and works using micro- capsules that scrub the bacteria off and release active agents that eliminate the remaining bacteria.

"It's shaped like a lollipop," Lerman said, "and scrapes the tongue to release zinc. You don't even have to walk around sucking it, just use it for half a minute and you'll have fresh breath for hours."

Bad breath is only the beginning of Breezy's oral hygiene quest.

The firm is also developing a line of products to ward off oral bacteria, including stopping smoker's breath, mouth sores, and oral fungus.

"We are working on a product to prevent cavities, that also releases an antibacterial in the mouth," Lerman said, "and that may see the light in a few months."

Breezy officials said they would begin commercializing Like candy in Europe and the United States in the coming weeks.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report July 2011

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