from the March 2017 issue

Games co TabTale exceeds 1.2 billion downloads

With 2016 revenue of $65 million, the Israeli children's games company has refused tempting offers, preferring long-term growth

Founded in 2010, Israeli childrens' games developer TabTale is now one of the leading children's games companies in the Apple and Google apps stores. "Globes" first mentioned TabTale in the summer of 2013, when the company raised $12 million in its most recent financing round. A lot has happened to TabTale since then; it has gone from 200 million downloads at that time to 1.2 billion today, a point that brings to mind the Outfit7 acquisition.

TabTale founders CEO Sagi Schliesser, Oran Kushnir, and CTO Nir Bejerano may be in no hurry to sell their company for a price based on the $1 billion Outfit7 deal, but some in the tech industry have already done so, using mainly the number of downloads, the main parameter for measuring the success of companies of this type. "Outfit7 is our big sister," says Schliesser. "When we checked who we wanted to outperform in the apps stores and/or to learn from them, it was Outfit7. We learned a lot from them."

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report March 2017

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