from the October 2011 issue

Sarin Technologies' D-Light System Measures a Polished Diamond's Quality

Sarin's D-Light provides additional parameters to measure the quality of polished diamonds.

Israel's Sarin Technologies, which develops, manufactures and markets cutting-edge technology for the diamond industry, has announced the launch of its D-Light Light Performance System for quantifying the appearance of polished diamonds. The D-Light systems measures a diamond's brilliance (how much white light is reflected); its fire (how much of a polished diamond's light is broken into colored bursts); its sparkle (the intensity of a diamond's flashes); and light symmetry (the level of symmetry in a diamond's play of light.)

Sarin CEO Uzi Levami explained that the Sarin D-Light would provide "vibrant visualization of a diamond's appearance under varying light conditions," allowing customers to more fully understand the beauty of polished diamonds.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report October 2011

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