from the May 2006 issue

Sun: We will buy more Israeli companies

Less than two months after Sun Microsystems acquired Israeli start-up Aduva, a senior executive of the company-expressed interest in buying more companies here, according to United Press International.

"We will certainly acquire more companies in the Israeli market," Sun's vice-president of customer-networked services, Mike Harding, said.

Harding also said that his company planned to expand its research-and-development center in Israel, adding personnel in addition to those coming on board from Aduva. As such, the R&D center's manager, Michal Geva, will take on the added responsibility of integrating the company's new technology.

Sun's acquisition of Aduva was aimed at improving the communications system the larger company offers its clients. "We are very excited by this acquisition," Harding said via the report. "This was an interesting opportunity for us since our Israeli R&D center is important to us and this acquisition will enable us to consolidate it."

Harding added that currently, Sun's customers report that it takes them five hours per month to configure their servers. Aduva's technology will reduce that to 15 minutes per month, Harding said.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report May 2006

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