from the February 2008 issue

New Technique Helps Blind to see

A small video camera mounted in a pair of sunglasses aims to give blind people a possibility to "see". The entrepreneur behind this technology called Forehead Sensory Recognition System (FSRS) has chosen the Nordic countries to be the first test market.

"In the Nordic countries the handicap care system is well developed and there are also excellent resources for research and development available. Therefore we would like to start here" says Mr. Yoneso Kanno, formerly employed in research with the IBM Corporation. Mr. Kanno is the founder of EyePlusPlus working together with Mr. Harlan Jacobs.

Involved in the project is also Mr.Yoni Peres , veterinarian at an Israeli Center for lead dogs and son of the Israeli President Mr. Shimon Peres.

This technique has during the week been presented to a number of researchers in Copenhagen, Lund and Gothenburg and was shown for the first time to the press in Stockholm.

The system has been compared to an "advanced blind cane" and works with a little video camera which is mounted in a pair of sun glasses. The camera will register what it sees and then send the information to a computer that the user wears in his/her belt.

The computer sends out electro impulses to a head band worn by the user. The impulses are translated to signals which with training can be interpreted and guide the user to identify this/her surroundings.

The company is waiting for FDA approval in the United States.

The computer sends out 512 electro impulses to a headband worn by the user

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report February 2008

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