from the February 2007 issue

Company with a camera that sees through walls gets $14 million

Camero, an Israeli company has developed a camera that can "see" things through solid walls, has raised $14 million, bringing the total it has raised to $20 million.

The investment comes about four months after it showed off a prototype of the Xaver800 and began to sell systems to customers. Investors include Greylock Partners, Motorola Ventures and Walden. The Xaver800 doesn't technically capture images directly. Instead, it issues ultra wideband signals and the data harvested is then used to create 3D models of things the signals bounced off of. The trick is that the camera can capture the signals in cluttered environments or through solid objects.

The camera is only sold to military and police agencies. Rafael wins huge anti-tank missile order from Spain The $425 million contract is part of collaboration with General Dynamics subsidiary Santa Barbara Sistemas. Rafael Armament Development Authority Ltd. will supply its Spike LR anti-tank missile to Spain in a $425 million order. The contract to supply 2,600 Spike missiles and 260 launchers is part of collaboration between Rafael and Santa Barbara Sistemas of Spain, a subsidiary of General Dynamics Corp. (NYSE:GD).

Spain held a long and complex process for equipping the Spanish Army with anti-tank missiles. The Spanish Army tested the Spike LR against missiles made by US and French contractors, before deciding on the Spanish-made missile. Rafael has undertaken to transfer to the Spike LR production know-how to Santa Barbara Sistemas.

Stock Exchange introduces Israeli index
The Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX) has announced recently that it is launching a trade index of leading Israeli companies traded in the United States. The announcement came with a special opening bell ceremony held at the Philadelphia Stock Exchange earlier in December. The index, called the "Hapoalim American Israeli Index" (HAI) is an equal dollar weighted index consisting of 15 of the leading Israeli companies that trade significant volumes of ordinary shares or American Depository Receipts (ADR) in the US HAI contains companies that have significant market capitalization and are actively traded and include technology and bio-pharmaceutical companies which account for a major portion of international trade. These companies include pharmaceutical giant Teva, Internet security specialists Check Point, NICE Systems, ORMAT Technologies, ECI Telecom, Orbotech, Syneron, Given Imaging, RADvision, Alvarion, Audiocodes, Taro Pharmaceuticals, Radware, Aladdin, and Orckit. The index was launched by Israeli Consul General in Philadelphia Uriel Palti and by representatives of Hapoalim Securities USA, a subsidiary of Bank Hapoalim, Israel's largest bank, whose assets exceed $60 billion.

Consul Palti said during the launching ceremony, that there is no doubt that the index will provide investors with a new and exciting way to take part in the ongoing success of the Israeli high-tech, bio-tech, and pharmaceutical industries. Palti thanked the Philadelphia Stock Exchange and the investors who gathered for the launching ceremony, which was sponsored by the America-Israel Chamber of Commerce for their confidence and support of Israel and its economy.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report February 2007

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