from the November 2008 issue

Galcon's remote control of irrigation systems

Galcon Computerized Control Systems - part of the Whitewater Technology Group and an acknowledged global leader in the field of irrigation - recently introduced its advanced solution for the remote management of irrigation systems. Galcon's RMIS (Remote Management Irrigation System) enables municipalities to remotely control their irrigation systems from anywhere, via the Internet with GPRS communication, significantly reducing municipal water budgets.

Among their many water-related responsibilities, municipalities are in charge of managing the processes, as well as reducing the costs, of irrigation in their communities. Irrigation consumes large amounts of water and energy, making it imperative for authorities to tightly control their limited resources. The highest levels of irrigation efficiency are reached when leaks are rapidly fixed, and when the precise amount of water is applied at precisely the right moment. Requirements regarding water usage are determined by a wide range of constantly changing parameters, including temperature and rainfall. Therefore, the ability to alter usage decisions in real time, as these parameters change - and to plug leaks in the system as soon as they arise - is crucial. Galcon's RMIS enables municipalities to make these adjustments from anywhere, on the fly, conserving both water and energy, and thus saving money.

Galcon's DIY products include a range of user-friendly, battery-operated, one- station units for the amateur home gardener. In keeping with the Whitewater Group's focus, the company also offers an assortment of specialized AC, battery-operated and wireless products - as well as state-of-the-art solutions used in open fields and greenhouses - for professionals who tend private and public gardens and agricultural fields. In addition to RMIS, the company provides products for municipal irrigation and control, including a central control system that manages the irrigation of wide areas (e.g., universities, hotels, public parks, etc.), via a single wireless computer. Galcon's cutting-edge, computerized systems can be adapted to hothouses as well as to any size field, meeting even the most complex irrigation demands.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report November 2008

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