from the June 2007 issue

Israel up three places in World Competitiveness rankings

Israel has risen from 40th to 25th place in the international investment category. The US remains overall number one.

Israel's economy has climbed three places to 21st place in the World Competitiveness Yearbook rankings, published by the International Institute for Management Development (IMD), which is based in Lausanne, Switzerland. The survey, which was published in May, ranks 55 countries according a variety of economic criteria, and is based on data collated from business entities worldwide. Israel is ranked in 20th place for economic strength, unchanged from last year.Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce president and IMD Israel representative Uriel Lynn said, "The ratings components clearly show a rise in the economy's service and personal entrepreneurship components, leveraging the relative advantages that Israel's economy has."

The survey assesses each country's performance according to four main measures: economic efficiency, government efficiency, business efficiency, and infrastructure. Israel dropped two places to 33rd in the economic efficiency rankings. It rose two places to 25th place in the government efficiency rankings, and climbed to 16th from 24th place in the rankings for business efficiency. It rose by just one place to 14th place in the infrastructure rankings.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report June 2007

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