from the April 2013 issue

Iran's Nulear Threat

Israel's greatest concern is the rapidly approaching ascendancy into the nuclear energy club. For a number of years the Iranians have boasted that their rockets can reach any place in Israel.

They have said that their rockets have a 1,500 mile range. Israel has often said that it will destroy the Iranian nuclear facilities. However, this is not likely as they are buried deep underground, and Israel does not posses the "blockbuster" bombs. The United States possesses the deep penetration bombs but as yet, has not supplied them to Israel.

On the more positive side Israel and the United States share information about Iran and in case of an attack they would coordinate such activities.

Israel has focused its efforts on anti-missile defense systems. The Iron Dome missile interceptor has been claimed to possess 84% accuracy. The recently successful launch of the Arrow anti-missile system is an addition to the arsenal.

Yet any discussion of foreign policy issues con tinues to place Iran at the top of the list. It is more than likely that during Presdent Obama's recent visit to Israel positions were coordinated.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report April 2013

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