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Wired presents Tel-Aviv's top 11 start-up companies

The major U.S. technology magazine expresses its esteem for the Israeli start-up scene.

The leading technology magazine Wired has selected Israeli start-up companies as exemplary models of leading businesses in their field, listing Tel Aviv's top 11 start-ups in its recent print edition.

Israeli start-up companies have frequently made headlines recently, such as the New York Observer's extensive article on the "Israeli start-up mafia in New York." Now, the major American technology magazine Wired published an article listing the leading start-up companies across Europe, including Tel-Aviv.

The article features the Gifts Project, a company that developed a system that facilitates the group purchase of gifts. The company enables its application in cooperation with EBay.

Also featured on the list is, a company specializing in face recognition technology, and Wibiya that was purchased by Conduit.

One of the article's text-boxes deals with where Tel-Aviv's start-up companies are located.

Gift Project CEO Ron Guar told TheMarker that "it was nice meeting the guys from Wired," and that they "were happy to have them over," Gura added that "they met with start-up companies from around the world and said they especially enjoyed their time in Tel Aviv, and were impressed by the companies they visited here, as was mentioned in the article." Commenting on Gift Project's selection, he said "I believe we were chosen because of what they picked up from the scene and their belief that social commerce is likely to explode in the future. What we are seeing now is only the beginning."

The full company list:
1. The Gifts Project
3. Wibiya
4. Onavo
5. Billguard
6. Snaptu
8. Soluto
9. Boxee
10. Taykey
11. Rank Above

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report September 2011

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