from the May 2007 issue

Syneron Invests in new dental aesthetic technology

Syneron Medical Ltd. (NASDAQ: ELOS) announced that it has entered into an agreement with Fluorinex Active, an Israeli-based start-up to develop advanced fluoridation and tooth whitening devices for dentists and consumers.

Fluorinex has developed a unique device that delivers fluoride ions directly to the tooth enamel via a sophisticated electro-chemical technique. The Fluorinex technology delivers the maximum amount of fluoride ions to the tooth, for the longest period of time known today. However, unlike other electro-chemical based fluoride systems, no electric current passes through the patient's tissue, thus enhancing the safety of the device. Fluorinex has also begun development of a tooth whitening system based on the same principles and technology as its fluoride delivery system.

As part of the investment agreement, Syneron will have exclusive, worldwide distribution rights for 10 years for the tooth whitening devices and consumables.

Syneron CEO, David Schlachet, commented, "Fluorinex's team has proven their innovative and technological skill with the development of their fluoridation device. We view their success as directly applicable to the development of a more advanced tooth whitening device that, like the fluoride delivery, will make aesthetic tooth whitening treatments much more effective and longer lasting and will enable us to serve this growing aesthetic application.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report May 2007

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