from the November 2017 issue

IAI unveils unmanned helicopter for evacuating wounded soldiers

Israel Aerospace Industries unveiled on Monday an unmanned helicopter that could be used to evacuate wounded soldiers from the battlefield. Dubbed the Air Hopper, the aircraft has already carried out demonstrations for the Israeli military, but the company would not say when it would be ready for market. One demonstration simulated carrying a seriously wounded soldier to an extraction point for life-saving treatment, airborne monitoring of vital signs and real-time dispatch to the ground and a second simulated carrying supplies to an isolated force at the front line that could not be accessed without risking the lives of troops. State-owned IAI said the Air Hopper can carry a payload of up to 180 kilograms, flight time of two hours and speed of up to 120 kilometers an hour. "I believe these developments will open many doors for us in local and global markets, military and civilian alike," said Shaul Shahar, general manager of IAI's military aircraft group. (TheMarker Staff)

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report November 2017

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