from the July 2009 issue

Cancer-Fighting Robot to be Unveiled at ILSI-Biomed Israel Conference

A miniature crawling robot (ViRob) with the potential to treat lung cancer by performing precise medical procedures inside the human body, was introduced for the first time at the conference set to take place June 15-17 in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The ViRob can navigate and crawl in different spaces within the human body, including blood vessels, the digestive tract, and the respiratory system. In addition, the robot's unique structure gives it the ability to move in tight spaces and curved passageways as well as the ability to pause within the body, making the breakthrough technology ideal for performing minimally invasive medical procedures.

"This robot is a major breakthrough in the biomedical industry as it allows doctors to access inaccessible areas in the body with minimal invasion," said Prof. Moshe Shoham from the Medical Robotics Laboratory in the Israel Institute of Technology. "The technology enables a centralized treatment without scattering materials to unnecessary areas in the body. Unveiling our technology at Israel's leading biomedical conference positions ViRob as the leading technology in the Micro-robots for medical use industry."

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report July 2009

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