from the May 2007 issue

Tooth used for releasing medicine

IntelliDrug project is supported by the European Commission 6th Framework Program (Information Society Technologies). Aimed at developing an electronically controlled, intraoral drug delivery system with remote control and replaceable reservoir it provides alternative approach for the treatment of addiction and chronic diseases. The micro-system comprises a medication reservoir and release mechanism, a built-in intelligence, micro-sensors and micro-actuators. IntelliDrug device will be placed in the oral cavity. The medicine is contained in the small reservoir. It will be released in a controlled manner accordingly to patient's needs, for periods lasting days, weeks or months. The device will be reloaded in a simple non-invasive way. The released medicine will be either absorbed by the oral mucosa or swallowed by the patient.

IntelliDrug device automatic activity overcomes the problem generated when patient forget to take the medication. Moreover it is easily adjusted to personal needs like: weight, age, sex, treatment characteristics, way of living etc. It can significantly improve quality of life in terms of stability, safety, convenience, freedom, discretion, lack of pain and less side effects.

IntelliDrug is placed in oral cavity: which means that it is highly accessible and can be easily removed.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report May 2007

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