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The Israel High-Tech & Investment Report is an independent monthly insider newsletter.

With contents chosen from its Technology Review Board, the Report provides you a continuous, unique in depth insight into Israel's world of technology - telecommunications, satellites, software, medical systems or biotechnology. The credibility of the Report's content is enhanced by on-the-spot interviews and the identification of the industry's participants.

In addition, you can also identify the sources of private, government and public capital for investment, that may include international and local Israeli venture capitalists, corporate and private investors. No wonder the Report is often viewed as having "newsmaking quality" and being quoted internationally by the media including Dow Jones, Bloomberg, Time Magazine, the Sunday Times of London, Business Week, Der Spiegel and others.

Subscribers can receive a monthly printed copy with a coded access to an electronic downloadable edition made available through the Israel High-Tech and Investment Report web site

You are invited to subscribe and to discover how the report will not only be of interest, but will help you with your professional work. The most recent Report is being sent to you free of charge. A new subscriber form is enclosed, as well.

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